Streamline talent flow within your organization

Step up internal talent mobility and maximize workforce value with Talenteer by Itransition.

Unlock the potential of decentralized talent mobility

Promptly fill open positions

Utilize the whole company as a talent pool to get the most out of your company expertise.

Discover hidden talent

Get a holistic view of your people's capabilities and find the right talent at the right time to fill crucial roles.

Keep your people engaged

Offer employees a clear path for growth and development and let them pursue their career aspirations within their very own company.

Increase business agility

Gain valuable insights to refine your business strategy, address rapidly changing business priorities, and outpace the competition.


Increase in internal recruitment


Fewer employees who didn’t find opportunities internally


Increase in employee skills visibility

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Tackle the common talent challenges of large organizations

Centralize the info on employee skills and capabilities, making it easily accessible to all your company departments

Achieve transparency of a vast and ever-changing landscape of open positions with visibility across departments and teams or at the top

Match existing employees to work opportunities instead of letting people go while recruiting others with similar profiles at the same time

Take advantage of the existing talent who are more productive as compared to newcomers requiring long adaptation before they become an efficient part of the team

Unleash an array of benefits through talent mobility and workforce agility

Minimized employee turnover

  • Improved internal mobility increases talent utilization
  • Retaining valuable employees by helping them find the right opportunities within the company
  • Breaking the glass ceiling within a particular department/team and allowing employees to grow professionally with the company
  • Increased loyalty among those who have grown professionally within the company

Empower employees through career pathing

Empower employees through career pathing

Driving careers forward

  • Unlocking growth potential within the company
  • Planning short- and long-term career moves
  • Simplified and less time-consuming process of finding a suitable job opportunity in-house
  • Finding the right mentor who is key to talent growth

Self-driven decision making and improved comfort

  • Finding new career opportunities in a familiar environment
  • Choosing the right opportunity reflecting your current and developing skills and interests
  • Enhanced internal motivation, comfort, and satisfaction

Improved transparency

  • Increased awareness of available project vacancies
  • Greater clarity of the assignment process
  • Greater chance to be noticed and recognized by other company professionals and decision-makers

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Talenteer features overview

For managers

  • Searching for candidates that match a specified skillset or other parameters at choice
  • Staffing new opportunities with relevant candidates based on employees’ skills
  • Placing and managing internal company job openings, short-term engagements, gigs, and learning opportunities
  • Aggregating the info on departments, active undertakings, and employees in one place, leveraging integrations with other internal systems
  • Collecting statistics on opportunities
Why Talenteer by Itransition
Why Talenteer by Itransition



Proven track record with large companies



On-demand and scheduled service maintenance activities and updates



Fast implementation


Possibility to customize the product according to your needs

Favorable terms

Pay what you want for the first-year license fee, with no long-term contracts


Complete control over all your data and its privacy provided by the on-premises deployment


Easy integration into your own existing infrastructure

Why Talenteer by Itransition
Why Talenteer by Itransition

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